Zenith v2.5 RDA by Crescent Moon

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Product Specs:

Zenith V2.5 by Cresent Moon Inovations
- 22mm diameter
- SS or Brass air flow control ring
- Dual or single coil setup
- Unique holes in the post to acomodate all guages of wire
- Improved higher temperature delrin insert in top cap to prevent heat build up in drip tip
- Threaded top cap to lock down air flow control ring
- Serialized with authentication card
- Deep juice well
- Solid silver detachable positive center pin is bottom feed tank ready. Which is improved over the silver plated copper post which wasn't bottom feed.

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This item is for advanced users only. Each one has been inspected to be cosmetically defect-free and in working condition. We also disassemble each device to ensure all of the hardware, springs, pins, etc are perfect and are included. Please note, we do not accept returns and or exchanges on this item for sanitary & hygienic purposes. This product does not have a manufacture warranty against manufacture defects as it does not contain a circuit board that can fail, therefore, for this item, all sales are final. For more information please see our Terms & Returns Page. Feel free to ask us any further questions regarding this product by using our Contact Us page.
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4 Reviews

Antwon 28th Feb 2014


this dripper is like the alpha of all rdas (in my opinion) it produces amazing vapor and the flavor is awesome as well. i loooove this mostly because the derlin insulator. FREAKING GENUIS DUDE!! only thing i have to complain about is the o rings seem a little too small to me causing the top cap to come off way TOO EASILY. all in all, bada$$ rda. highly recommended

27th Feb 2014

Great, High Quality Dripper

If you know how to build coils, this device will give you clouds. Top-quality construction all around. If you're looking to buy this device, you probably already know everything about it so I won't go into the details. The reasons it doesn't get 5 stars are fairly minor: Firstly, the body slides off the deck a little too easily. If you pull by the drip tip in order to drip some more, the body will come off right with it, leaving your coil and wicking exposed. The two O-rings don't have enough grip to hold it in place properly, leaving me to press down on the top of the device while pulling the drip tip out. Secondly, this device does not come with a drip tip. While not a huge deal, every single other device I've ever bought came with some sort of drip tip no matter how dinky. I would expect the Zenith, which I paid top dollar for, to come with one.

Additionally, no issues about shipping or missing items from VaporSpot. Good experience all around.

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