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Another beautifully designed mechanical mod by WuTang House of mods.  The WHoM? is sure to be an excellent addition to your stock of mods.


• 304 stainless tube
• Modular concept so it can accommodate any battery: 18350, 18490, 18500 and 18650.
• Seamless design so the 18490/18500 and 18650 extension tubes will not be that noticeable.
• 3 elegant laser engravings on each tube allow you to choice your look and style.
• 1mm underline slot on the tube acts as the batteries vent holes and gives the WhoM? mod an elegant look.
• 22mm diameter
• 18350 48.5mm length
• 18490/18500 63.5mm length
• 18650 79mm length
• Hybrid brass top-cap connector allows all atties to have a direct contact to the battery. It will also have a delrin insulator for safety purposes. Please use atties that have a long center pin so that the 510 treading on the atty does not make contact with the battery, this may cause an electric short that might damage the battery or cause the body to heat up unnecessarily.
• Inserted brass bottom-cap that allows adjustment to prevent battery rattle.
• Laser engraved "?" on the button
• High temp spring to prevent heating up of the button
• Silver plated copper negative pin
• Roman numeral serials
• Comes in an elegant box.

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