At VaprSpot, it is important to us that our customers feel confident that your decision to try switching from analogue cigarettes to Personal Vaporizers is met with a positive experience.  That is the only way that you the customer will feel that using a personal vaporizer is right for you.  As a "Vaper" myself, I understand that the support received during that transition makes the difference.   I was and you will soon find that the transition is incredible and rewarding.  


At first you might find “Vaping” to be completely different than smoking and it may take some getting used to.  Not because it is difficult, but because it is different.  We are here to help you understand and recognize those differences so your experience remains positive.  The most noticeable difference is that is doesn’t feel the same as smoking and typically that refers to what you feel on the back of your throat when you smoke a cigarette.  That is called throat hit.  Getting that “throat hit”, could be nothing more than adjusting the nicotine level of your E-Liquid.  Or, if the throat hit is too strong, we would recommend reducing the nicotine level of your E-Liquid.   Just remember this, Vaping is trial and error but as with anything you do, you try it until you find what works for you.


We at VaprSpot are here to support you the customer.  If you are having issues with fulfilling or paying for your order, have questions about your device or want to upgrade, please contact us on the contact forms provided and we will get right back to you.  Also, feel free to check out the TUTORIALS, FAQ and HELPFUL VIDEOS pages for information, insight, reviews and different setup options for your devices.


We look forward to providing you the best transition and Vaping experience possible.


Louis Rodgers




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