HALO Triton Coils

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Includes 5 Coil Assemblies: Our Triton Replacement Coil Assemblies are a cost-effective way to stay vaping. Coil assemblies are easily interchanged in the Triton Tank and available in different resistance levels, allowing you to find the perfect match for your e-liquid. Lower resistance coil assemblies will tend to vape hotter, while higher resistance will vape cooler. Higher resistance coil assemblies are recommended if you are experiencing any burnt taste issues with your e-liquid of choice in the Triton Tanks.
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1 Review

Randy 18th Mar 2014

A hit and miss product

These coils are needed to make the Halo Triton function. That written, some times they work, some times they don't. I recently bought a five pack of coils only to discover that three of them failed to engage the battery. I know this because I tried the new ones in the different batteries I own and each time the light on the battery's side flashed; indicating that the coil unit was not working with the battery (I left the liquid sit in the mini tanks for more than an hour so the liquid would absorb into the wick, but with no success). I changed them out with the old coils that I had been using and all the battery's worked fine. These coils are necessary evils. Be sure to stock up on the coils just in case some of them do not work.

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