El Sigilo Zodiac Copper By WuTang House of Mods

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El Sigilo Zodiac Copper By WuTang Resellers

Zodiac El Sigilo Features
1: Inserted topcap and bottomcap to have a look of a hybrid with any genesis or driptype atties.
2: Comes with two tubes 18650 and 18350.
3: Positive pin is telescopic floating pin.
4: Pins are silver plated over copper.
5: Engraving of alibata on the tubes and the meaning of the script is "puring pilipino" or filipinos pride.
6: Vent hole is under the bottom button
7: El Sigilo will also have a "U nail" if you will have a problem screwing or unscrewing the top-cap and bottom-cap.
8: The El Sigilo is a 22mm Mod
9: Full body Zodiac engraving

Rat       - BORN IN 1948/1960/1972/1984

Ox        - BORN IN 1949/1961/1973/1985

Tiger     - BORN IN 1950/1962/1974/1986

Rabbit   - BORN IN 1951/1963/1975/1987

Dragon  - BORN IN 1952/1964/1976/1988

Snake   - BORN IN 1953/1965/1977/1989

Horse    - BORN IN 1954/1966/1978/1990

Sheep   - BORN IN 1955/1967/1979/1991

Monkey - BORN IN 1956/1968/1980/1992

Rooster - BORN IN 1957/1969/1981/1993

Dog      - BORN IN 1958/1970/1982/1994

Boar     - BORN IN 1959/1971/1983/1995

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