VaprSpot is owned and operated by US Navy Veteran, Louis Rodgers (NAVY CHIEF! NAVY PRIDE!).  During my 24 years in the Navy I smoked a lot.  It wasnt until 2006 when I picked my first Ciggalike in 7-11 and was overjoyed that there was another option to analogues.   But boy, did that ciggalike suck...  Over the years past that e-ciggs evolved and in September 2010, I completely made the switch to Vaping.    I watched the industry take traction and eventyally founf myself becoming interested in providing "Authentic" Mods & RDA's, Starter Kits, Tanks, Liquids, Batteries & Chargers, Parts and Supplies for folks who want to switch from traditional cigarettes.  


Today, I am extremely excited to provide quality service to all my customers as well as to US military personnel stationed overseas in the western pacific region and welcome everyone wanting to use Personal Vaporizers as a better alternative.  Here you will find most of your vaping supplies, juices and hardware needs to fulfill your vaping pleasure.

I do not promote vaping as a smoking cessation program but as an alternative to analogue cigaretts.





Louis Rodgers





Chalan Monsignor Guerrero

Saipan, MP 96950


Located across from CUC Dan Dan.  VaprSpot is in the back parking area of the Red Brick RJ Commercial building.  Click the pic for directions using Google Maps

See you there!


Big thank you to Cubz Strainer for the AWESOME support in the video below.