3mm Genuine SCN-3 Ekowool Silica Core Wick Braided 3±0,3 Temp Res > 1000°C

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2 Ft Genuine SCN-3 Ekowool Silica Wick Braided Silica Core 3±0,3
  • Durable
  • Slightly larger than traditional silica wick. See pictures.
  • Excellent Absorbtion. Silica threaded core for excellent capillary absorbancy.
  • Resistant to temperatures 1000°C (2012°F)
  • No odor or taste
  • 95-98% Pure Silica
  • Ecologically clean materials Ekowool™ Supersil successfully replace cancer-causing materials based on asbestos, ceramic and basaltic fibers. They can also be used instead of such wide known materials as ТЕRMOSTEC, ЕUROISOL, MINERAL WOOL PLATES AND FLOORMAT, PENOPLEX, PAROC, ISOROC, ISOVER, ROCKWOOL, URSA.


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